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What's SEO & Why Does My Law Firm or Blockchain Project Need It?

Search engine optimization, also known as ‘SEO’, is the process by which companies and persons maximize the number of online visitors to their website, through various free, natural, organic, and editorial practices. Utilizing such practices helps ensure (or position) one’s website to appear high on the the list of Internet search results. Simply put, SEO refers to the practice by which a company or person makes their webpage visible to the world.

SEO is comprised of both creative and technical elements, all geared towards driving traffic, increasing search result rankings, and improving search engine awareness of one’s webpage. SEO can range from something as simple as the:

  • Content and words used on your website, too the
  • Structure by which you broadcast them to the world, all the way to the
  • Websites you link to in your content.

Internet search engines and algorithms do not provide concrete and exact steps to rank highly or increase traffic, but it has been thoroughly refined and honed over the years - meaning, now there’s a large corpus of practices and techniques one can implement and utilize in order to increase their website’s visibility.

So, why does your law firm or blockchain need SEO?

To be found. The bulk of today’s web traffic is generated by large Internet search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, as these are the primary means by which Internet users navigate the interweb. Search engines enable products, services, and businesses to target Internet  traffic. Don’t you want to be found by future clients, investors, or partners?

Most importantly, the words one types into an Internet search bar/box carry exponential value for your business, product, or service - and it historically has made or broken many a business. With increased traffic and higher rankings, comes more clients, more investors, bigger partnerships, and potentially, more conversions and revenue. You could be the best personal injury lawyer in all of Chicago, but if no one is able to find you on the Internet, you’re losing out  on business.

Finally, SEO is free...if you do it yourself. Other than time, a little technical know-how, and creative thought, you, your blockchain project, or law firm could be implementing for free (but for some administrative costs). But, not everyone has time to:

  1. Spend structuring keywords that enable search engines to drive local traffic and clientele their business or firm,
  2. Create rich content for informing and educating readers and the general public, or
  3. Build backlinks to further enrich your online presence and domain authority.

That’s where we come in.   

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