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Coinbase Pro Users Now Able to Purchase & Sell XRP

Coinbase Pro announced their addition of Ripple's XRP to the platform, a move that has been anticipated for quite some time now. Users are now able to purchase & sell XRP on Coinbase Pro, however it's unsure the exact date it will come to their retail platforms.
Ohio Blockchain

Only Two Ohio Businesses Have Paid Their Taxes in BTC

As of February, 2019, only two Ohio businesses have reportedly paid their taxes using Bitcoin. While Ohio was the first state to accept Bitcoin tax payments from individuals & businesses, it's taking time to catch some traction. Still, expect big things from Ohio this 2019!
Thailand Blockchain Securities

Thailand Makes Way For Issuance of Scripless & Tokenized Securities

In mid-February, 2019, Thailand's Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) noted the received endorsement of an amendment to the Securities and Exchange Act - which is set to pave the way for the issuance and trading of scripless & tokenized securities.
Hong Kong Blockchain

3 Blockchain Conferences in Asia You Should Attend This Spring

Curious about 3 awesome blockchain events to attend in Asia this Spring, 2019? Look no further. We've got you covered. We're tackling events which are rolling out some of the industry's top thought leaders & developers, & for all budgets, types, & locations!
Malta Blockchain

Malta Set to Store Diplomas on the Blockchain

There’s no surprise as to why Malta is called the ‘Blockchain Island,” thanks to its progressive stance on cryptocurrency regulations and 2018 relocations by several major exchanges. Now, one of the world’s smallest and most densely populated countries is giving…

Samsung Galaxy S10 to Include Storage For Private Crypto Keys

Samsung recently confirmed that the release of their Galaxy S10 will include private key compatibility for blockchain enthusiasts & users! Rumors have circulated for the past year about whether the device will include storage for private crypto keys.
SafecChain Ohio Partnership Buckeyes

Ohio Considers Blockchain Technology For Real Estate Transactions

Partnering with SafeChain, the County Auditors' Association of Ohio is looking to explore blockchain technology for use in land title transfers & other real estate transactions. This isn't Ohio's first rodeo, as they are the 1st state to accept Bitcoin tax payments!
Jackson Hole Wyoming

Wyoming Follows Up SF0125 With Two Accompanying Cryptocurrency Bills

Following up the passage of SF0125, a crypto bill defining virtual currencies & assets as governed under the Uniform Commercial Code, Wyoming has passed two more bills; one providing for depositing institutions & the other for the issurance of token certificates.
Binance DEX Testnet Launch

Binance Deploys Testnet for Decentralized Exchange

Not long after previewing their upcoming decentralized exchange on their Medium page, Binance has delivered - official launching their Testnet for their new Binance DEX on February 20th, 2019. Read more about it & what it means for crypto here!
Orrin Hatch Photo

Utah Government to Explore Benefits & Use of Blockchain Technology

The Utah Government is in the midst of conducting a legislative study to determine the benefits of blockchain technology, along with potential use cases. You can read more about the text of the directed study, proponents of the bill, and more in this post!
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