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Utah Blockchain Gnarled Juniper

Utah’s Blockchain Technology Bill Passes Second Senate Reading

In another forward step for government & mass crypto adoption in the Beehive State (Utah), Bill 213 - aka the 'blockchain technology bill' - has passed its second Senate reading, & is one step closer towards implementation. Curious about its contents? Read on!

The BlockchainSEO Guide to Bitcoin (BTC) Mining

If you're looking for the ultimate beginner's guide to mining Bitcoin ($BTC), look no further. We're tackling everything from what Bitcoin mining is, what hardware & software you need for your rig, how to mine free BTC, the best mining pools, & more!
Binance DEX Simulated Trading Competition

Binance Puts $100k Up For Grabs in DEX Trading Competition

Binance recently announced an upcoming trading competition for their decentralized exchange testnet, which offers up to USD $100,000 in BNB for winners. Read more about the March 7th competition, the rules & prizes, and how to participate in this article!
Cryptopia PNG Logo

Cryptopia Discloses Amount of Total Holdings Stolen in January Hack

In a follow-up to the mid-January hack of the New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange - Cryptopia - they've re-surfaced, this time letting users know that at worst case, 9.4% of their total holdings were compromised. Is Cryptopia ever going to re-open?
Electroneum ETN Android Smartphone Mining

Electroneum Releases $80 Android Phone For Mining Crypto

Popular cryptocurrency aimed at bringing digital payments to developing countries & entrepreneurs - Electroneum - has just announced the rollout of their M1 Android smartphone which is set to enable users to earn up to USD $3/month through integrated cloud mining.
Coinbin Cryptocurrency Exchange Closed

Another One Bites the Dust: South Korean Exchange Coinbin Goes Under

You can now add South Korea cryptocurrency exchange 'Coinbin' to the long list of failed cryptocurrency exchanges & platforms after a recent embezzlement scandal, new regulations, & increased operating costs - one that totaled losses up to nearly USD $26 million.
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