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What is BeefChain? Blockchain Verified Beef & Sheep

Curious as to why Wyoming is becoming a hub for blockchain technology? Check out this post detailing BeefChain, one of the most practical use cases of blockchain technology – which verifies, audits, & ensures integrity for today’s beef production industry.

New Hampshire Bill 470 Portsmouth New hampshire blockchain

New Hampshire Subcommittee Unanimously Approves Crypto Bill

In a recent subcommittee hearing on Bill 470, a cryptocurrency bill proposing the integration of cryptocurrency payments into state agencies, HB 470 was approved & will ultimately go back to the Executive Departments & Administration Committee for full vote.

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Kraken Exchange Acquires Futures Startup ‘Crypto Facilities’

In a 9 figure deal, Kraken Exchange just announced their acquisition of London-based futures startup ‘Crypto Facilities’, a move set to help solidify Kraken’s position at the forefront of trader friendly crypto exchanges. Read more about the acquisition here!

Binance Announces Debit & Credit Card Purchases Now Available!

Binance recently announced their acceptance of debit and credit cards to purchase cryptocurrencies. In this post, we touch on Binance’s monumental step towards easing mainstream adoption and use, the cryptos which may be purchased with fiat, and more!

Cryptopia Hacked…Again: 3 Security Reminders

Cryptopia was hacked again after suffering a nearly USD $16 million dollar ETH & ERC20 hack earlier this January. In this post, we break down the timeline of the hack & provide several security reminders HODL’ers should be aware of when storing their cryptocurrency.

Espers web wallet

Creating & Using the Espers Web Wallet

Wondering where to store your Espers? Check out this short blog post breaking down what Espers is and its easy-to-use web wallet which is geared towards bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses. It’s also simple to use & quick to download.

Lux coin web wallet

3 Reasons to Start Using the Lux Coin PoS Web Wallet

Wondering how to store your Lux Coin without having to run your computer 24/7? In this post, we’re breaking down 3 reasons why you should consider using the Luxcore Proof-of-Stake web wallet, how it differs from traditional web wallets, & where to download it!

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