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Lightning Network Bitcoin

Twitter Users Now Able to Tip in Bitcoin Via Lightning Network

In another a huge move for bringing Bitcoin & micro-payments into everyday use, Tippin has rolled out a Google Chrome Extension enabling users to tip one another in Bitcoin - all by way of an easy-to-use Twitter button. Read more about tippin & its use here!
Horizon State Logo

South Australian Government to Use Blockchain Technology For Election

In another triumphant move establishing Australia's presence at the forefront of blockchain technology use for our democratic processes, the South Australian Government is utilizing Horizon State's platform to facilitate an upcoming election for a fishing council!
BSV Logo Homepage

Coinbase Users Now Able to Withdraw BSV

Nearly 3 months after the Bitcoin Cash fork, which saw the project split into BCHABC & BSV, Coinbase users are now able to finally withdraw their BSV. However, Coinbase does not support trading for BSV at the moment. Read more about the recent press release here!
Wyoming Lake And Mountains

Wyoming Passes Bill Classifying Crypto Within Existing Laws

In another monumental move affirming Wyoming's position at the forefront of blockchain adoption in the United States, their Senate just passed a crypto bill defining digital assets & currency under the U.C.C & providing a custodial framework for banks!
Blocksyte Logo

Blocksyte: Putting the Granite State on the Blockchain Map

New Hampshire is quickly solidfying its spot at the forefront of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the United States. Cue 'Blocksyte', a supply-chain blockchain solution for small-to-medium-sized businesses, tackling the $1.4 trillion food industry!

Coinbase Pays $30k Bounty For Critical Bug Detection

Coinbase recently paid out USD $30,000 for a high to critical priority bug found within their systems - their largest payout to date. Read more about the various tiers of the Coinbase vulnerability disclosure program and payouts associated with Coinbase bugs here!
BeefChain Logo

What is BeefChain? Blockchain Verified Beef & Sheep

Curious as to why Wyoming is becoming a hub for blockchain technology? Check out this post detailing BeefChain, one of the most practical use cases of blockchain technology - which verifies, audits, & ensures integrity for today's beef production industry.
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