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Tor Anonymity Network Now Accepting Donations in 9 Cryptocurrencies

The Tor Network has begun accepting donations in 9 prominent cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Stellar Lumens, and several others. Read more about their recent acceptance of these cryptos in our latest article!

3 Best Free Litecoin Faucets For 2019

Are you looking to earn free Litecoin? Check out our latest article breaking down 3 of the best and highest paying Litecoin faucets this 2019. We walk you through what Litecoin faucets are, how they make money, how to earn free Litecoin, and what to look out for!

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Stellar Lumens Now Trading on Coinbase Pro

Less than one month after Ripple’s listing of $XRP on Coinbase Pro, Stellar Lumens (XLM) is now ready to be traded. To read further about XLM’s recent listing, along with its trading tier availability, and recent price action, check out our latest post!

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SparkPool Splits Accidentally Sent ETH Fee With Sender

In a move set to instill some confidence in today’s blockchain mining ecosystem & landscape, cryptocurrency mining pool ‘Sparkpool’ has agreed to split the accidentally sent 2,100 ETH transaction attachment by a South Korean blockchain firm back in February.

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Binance CEO Hints at Future Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange in Argentina

In a response tweet to a Coinspice article (and tweet), Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao (aka ‘CZ’), hinted at Binance’s potential future in the Argentinean crypto market. Such move is just another monstrous step for Binance, which has been growing rapidly this 2019.

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Why Lawyers Need a Law Firm SEO Expert

Curious about why your law firm needs legal SEO? If you’re a law firm or legal professional, we recommend implementing a comprehensive & strategic SEO game-plan to increase your visibility in search results, client conversions, & authority in the legal sector.

bangchak gas station blockchain

Thai Petroleum Co. Trials Blockchain Energy Trading Platform

In another move solidifying Thailand’s position at the forefront of blockchain adoption in Southeast Asia (and the world), a Thai petroleum company has recently announced their testing of a blockchain energy trading platform for a Bangkok gas station!

Earn ETH With the Free Ethereum Spinner

Curious about how to earn free Ethereum without ever having to purchase it, or construct your own ETH mining rig? Check out this detailed guide on the Free Ethereum Spinner app, an Ethereum faucet which enables crypto novices to earn ETH for free by playing games.

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Denver to Use Blockchain-Based Mobile Voting in Municipal Election

In the second ever federal election to utilize blockchain-based mobile voting applications, Denver is set to make waves in their upcoming May, municipal election. Read more about the blockchain technology & voting app & partners behind the collaboration here!

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