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Cryptopia Hacked…Again: 3 Security Reminders

Cryptopia was hacked again after suffering a nearly USD $16 million dollar ETH & ERC20 hack earlier this January. In this post, we break down the timeline of the hack & provide several security reminders HODL’ers should be aware of when storing their cryptocurrency.

old man in the mountain bitcoin

New Hampshire: The Free State of Blockchain & Bill 470

In January 2019, two New Hampshire lawmakers and representatives proposed Bill 470, an act which would require New Hampshire government agencies to draft & implement a plan for the integration of cryptocurrencies into tax and fee payment options for residents.

Blockchain SEO Crypto and Copy Partnership

Announcing BlockchainSEO 2019 Partnership With CryptoandCopy!

We just partnered with CryptoandCopy, a cryptocurrency marketing firm which provides copy, SEO, consulting, & website heuristics services for blockchain companies! This adds depth to our blockchain marketing services to ensure your project reaches its intended audience!

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