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Coinbase Eyes Listing 8 New Cryptocurrencies

In an August 5th announcement, cryptocurrency exchange giant Coinbase announced their intent to explore the listing of 8 new cryptocurrencies. To read up more about the 8 potential cryptocurrencies that could be listed on the Coinbase platform, read up further!

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Tor Anonymity Network Now Accepting Donations in 9 Cryptocurrencies

The Tor Network has begun accepting donations in 9 prominent cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Stellar Lumens, and several others. Read more about their recent acceptance of these cryptos in our latest article!

Cryptopia Hacked…Again: 3 Security Reminders

Cryptopia was hacked again after suffering a nearly USD $16 million dollar ETH & ERC20 hack earlier this January. In this post, we break down the timeline of the hack & provide several security reminders HODL’ers should be aware of when storing their cryptocurrency.

BlockchainSEO Guide to ERC20 Tokens & Where to Trade Them

Curious what ERC20 tokens are & where to trade them? In this post, we walk you through the requisite functitons & properties for a token to be considered ERC20 compliant, several explanatory examples, and the best exchanges to trade & purchase them.

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