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Bank of America blockchain

Bank of America Now Hiring For Blockchain Positions

In another monumental steps for banks integrating blockchain technology into their everyday practice, Bank of America has started hiring for assorted crypto positions across the U.S. Find more about BOFA’s recent hiring spree & what they are exactly looking for!

old man in the mountain bitcoin

New Hampshire: The Free State of Blockchain & Bill 470

In January 2019, two New Hampshire lawmakers and representatives proposed Bill 470, an act which would require New Hampshire government agencies to draft & implement a plan for the integration of cryptocurrencies into tax and fee payment options for residents.

Binance Previews New Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

It has been another big week for Binance, the largest cryptocurrency trading exchange in the present-day blockchain ecosystem. Specifically, Binance previewed their new decentralized exchange via a YouTube video. In this post, we’re going to take you through what a…

Why Cryptyk is Worth Keeping an Eye On This 2018

Why Cryptyk is Worth Keeping an Eye On This 2018

If you were using the Amazon Drive cloud storage plan in 2017, then you’re probably no stranger to the monopoly and monolithic power exercised by traditional cloud storage platforms – a do what we want, when we want mentality. Modern…

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